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Whoa Si Whoa Quads

Whoa Si Whoa Quads



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Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 21% – 30%

Whoa Si Whoa is an award-winning hybrid strain of cannabis. It is an indica heavy strain in which the Indica traits ranges between 75-80% while Sativa traits lie between 20-25%. This hybrid strain was created by crossing The White with Do si Dos strain. Both the parent strains have the assertive presence of Indica traits in abundance.

So, it is no wonder Whoa Si Whoa is Indica dominant hybrid and it boasts of an incredibly high amount of THC. The enviable high range of THC percentage in Whoa Si Whoa is recorded to be between 21-28% and this high THC percentage is mostly received with wide eyes and dropped jaws. The nature and quality of high experienced by the regular tokers are equally dramatic.  The experience begins with physically dealing with the dense long grape-shaped henna green nugs, which are sticky. The moment you crack these nugs to roll yourself a joint, the aroma fills the air. The aroma is aptly described as lying on a pine forest floor covered with a haze of gasoline. When you combust a joint, your palate is showered with tastes of grapefruit, herbs gassy and a mild sourness.

The effect of Whoa Si Whoa is a reflection of high THC. It is most definitely head heavy inducing a serene calmness and at the same time it causes the limbs to melt too. The high caused is described to very effective in dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, and insomnia too. The sleep comes lulling anxiety, fears, and physical pain too. This top hybrid strain brings the best of the world to your feet. It not only smells good, taste better but it eases up the burden of stress, depression and pain pulling your body and mind down. Whoa Si Whoa won the awards precisely because of restoring our faith that life can be good. It is a delightful recreational and medicinal gift of nature.

3.5g ($35) | 7g ($65) | 14g ($95) | 28g ($140)

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3.5g ($35), 7g ($65), 14g ($95), 28g ($140) 


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