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Tropical Breath Bulk

Tropical Breath Bulk



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Tropical Breath is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. The indica heavy strain is a result of a cross between Tropical Cookies and Motorbreath 15. Both parent strains have distinctive aroma. The distinctive feature of Trop Breath is astounding THC percentage. At staggering 30% THC, this Indica heavy strain promises both a body and cerebral high.

Why try Tropical Breath?

Tropical Breath like Hog’s Breath is a highly recommended strain for every regular cannabis user to experience its sky-high potency. However, new users must tread with extreme caution due to its extreme potency. Astronomical THC percentage and its hybrid composition, enables it to generate a full body high. Users reports the body-buzz delivering comforting pain numbing experiences. While the body revels in the invigorating buzz, THC rises up to the brain stirring a big rush. This brain buzzing ability of this hybrid strain can help unlock creative forces within you. The body buzz can get you to complete any pending nagging chores you may be postponing for better days.

Tropical Breath’s medicinal capabilities

Patients struggling with pain, anxiety and mood swings will find Trop Breath a big help. Due to its sedative property, it is certainly a night time strain for productive evening followed by a refreshing sleep. Insomniacs especially can depend on Trop Breath’s tremendous THC percentage to induce a much-desired couchlock and restful sleep.

Aroma and Flavor

The dominant terpene is Limonene. Therefore, the aroma that greets you is full of positive zest. The aroma described is tropical citrusy- yet-dough like fruity. The aroma is uncanny mix of its parents – Tropical Cookies and Motorbreath 15. Credit for stress-busting and anti-inflammatory properties goes to Limonene. Generally, limonene acts as a flavoring agent and in medical science for postoperative dissolution of retained cholesterol gallstones.

The tremendously potent hybrid strain has side effects too. User report of experiencing dryness in the eyes and dizziness too. Cotton mouth is another unpleasant effect reported. Therefore, dosing is important to this Indica potent cannabis strain.

4oz ($470) | 1lb ($1600)

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4oz ($470), 1lb ($1600)


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