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Treasure Coast Bulk

Treasure Coast Bulk



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Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom is a classic strain of Psychedelic mushroom. It is a favorite among the users and growers of magic mushrooms. Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom is resistant-to-contamination, easy to grow . It has a propensity to grow in large flushes thereby making it a coveted treasure to every magic mushroom enthusiast. This psilocybe cubensis strain take its name from the Florida Gulf Coast, infamous for shipwrecks and the stories of treasures in them.

How potent is Treasure Coast Mushroom?

Of the two main psychotropic compounds – psilocybin and psilocin; it contains higher levels of psilocybin. Thus, is understood to be moderately to intensely potent. A dose of 3 grams of Treasure Coast mushroom can induce a 6-8 hour of psychedelic trip.


Dosing is important. Micro dosing is a good practice. We recommend a 1.5 grams dose for new users. While the 3-4 grams is for regular users looking for truly psychedelic experiences.

How to spot a Treasure Coast Mushroom?

It can easily be identified with a stout stem and its beige-colored caps that grows albino white. They naturally grow in soil rich in cattle dungs. But you can grow them easily in-house in controlled environment.

How to enjoy a trip with Treasure Coast?

Blessed with above average potency, it is best suited to social gathering at beach parties, backyard BBQs and great friends. User also reported of it to be sublime date-magic-mushroom on account of their women experiencing mind-blowing time in the sheets with them. Whiles other section of users reported it to arouse consciousness expanding, introspective spiritual experiences.

Patients and their relatives too recommend using it in handling infirmities of anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Creative folks report Treasure Coast sparks arousal of sensory stimulation, triggering creative flow of thoughts, and opening new perceptions of reality.

How best to consume it ?

Eating the dried and cured mushroom is one of the conventional ways. However, you can mix them in smoothies, shakes, and drink them. Mushroom infused tea too is a fast-emerging trend. Edibles too is no-fuss way to have them.

4oz ($350) | 1lb ($1000)

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4oz ($350), 1lb ($1000)


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