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Tom Ford Bubba Kush

Tom Ford Bubba Kush



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Tom Ford Bubba Kush is a hybrid strain of Cannabis. This strain created through a cross between the famed OG Kush and an unknown Northern Light phenotype, popularly known as Bubba. This hybrid strain is essentially Indica dominant possessing 80% Indica and 20 % Sativa traits. It is understood that by possessing high percentage of THC content ranging between 20 to 30% that Tom Ford Bubba Kush has come to be one of the most sought-after Indica dominant strains amongst cannabis users. This Indica heavy hybrid strain is powerfully potent.  The effects last for much longer hours. However, the effect does not culminate into a couchlock but triggers a cascade of euphoric, happy, uplifting feelings. It is no wonder that it has earned a reputation for being a playful yet a powerful and potent evening companion for tokers. Though people do use it during the day time as well. The characteristic flavor oozing from Tom Ford Bubba Kush olive green nugs is ambiguous. The TFBK flavor lazily floats between bitter and sweet. However, when you light up a joint, a gravely dank taste overpowers your palate. Yet you cannot miss a distinct fruitiness of coffee and cocoa that keep you alert and engaged in whatever you are doing. It is due to this robust overpowering effect that people prefer it to counter depression, anxiety to sooth their otherwise jangled nerves and instills a calmness and positive reassurance to go about their chores. Many use to fight fatigue and anorexia, as it stokes your appetite. User have also reported Tom Ford Bubba Kush of being quite a sport when they are in sack with their partners. Being a potent strain, it is certainly not for starters and novices. It is best for seasoned cannabis users seeking typical body-buzzing Indica high experiences.

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