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Texas Penis Envy Bulk

Texas Penis Envy Bulk



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The premium Texas Penis Envy shroom with its uniquely provocative name has equally curious personality.

The legend of Penis Envy Shroom

The shroom is rumored to be a cross between Amazonian Cubensis and Terrance McKenna arising from a unique mutation by famed mycologist Steven Pollock. The name Penis Envy comes from the legendary psychoanalyst – Sigmund Freud who originally coined the term Penis Envy.

Physical Appearance

By appearance Texas Penis Envy is an embodiment of phallus. No guesses from where it gets its name. It has a stout stem with bulbous caps and houses potent psychotropic chemicals within. Interestingly, due to its short and thick physical composition, it possesses higher percentage of the psychedelic psilocybin for every gram of this magic mushroom.

Texas Penis Envy – Arguably trippiest shroom

The highly potent TPE is famous to be one of the trippiest and hard-hitting strains of magic mushrooms available. Some of the experiences described are vision quests and intense mystical experiences. This strain is a self-proclaimed headspring of transcendental journeys leading to creative explorations. This is due to both a higher concentration of psychotropic alkaloids, and a much higher ratio of psilocybin per gram by body weight.

Why Choose Texas Penis Envy?

Since it is a highly potent psychedelic shroom, it is best for people who are experiences magic mushroom users. There is a process of preparation for consuming Texas Penis Envy which is widely known as Set and Setting. The effects are generally euphoric and so it is best for handling depressions and anxiety-based conditions. Users share their experiences of using TPE for spiritual experiences for expanding their consciousness for dealing with personal issues. Since this magic mushroom has more than average potency, we recommend careful dosing. A dose of 1 gram or less is safe for beginners. But you must tread lightly with this magic shroom.

4oz ($350)

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4oz ($350)


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