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Slurricane Bulk

Slurricane Bulk



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Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 20% – 28%

Slurricane is an indica dominant hybrid strain. Its two most striking characteristics are – the captivating tropical fruity aroma and the high THC content that knocks up to 30%. This highly aromatic indica leaning hybrid strain was created by a cross between Purple Punch and Do Si Dos. The olive green nug of Slurricane grow into round shape like that of a grape. Interestingly they do grow a distinctive purple hue as well inheriting from its parents.

It is popular not just for its captivating tropical fruity aroma but the taste too is delightfully sugary yet earthy. The wholesome experience of taste and aroma is reminiscent of the flavorful herbal tea. The sugary taste causes a rush moving from the palate to head. However, the earthy herb like flavor is calming. The Indica heavy Slurricane with up to 30% THC packs a delightful cerebral high. The effects do come in like a sugar rush but it does not hit you like a hammer blow. The effects are akin to stepping in to a warm jacuzzi of honey and milk. As the effect grows, your body eases up.

Users report that they experience a delightful numbness as the aches and pains slowly fades away. For many the effects smoking Slurricane results in a couchlock. But this is not universal. Evenings and nights are the best time to experience the benefits of lighting up a joint. Slurricane is a powerful sedative and has pain numbing effects. Patients report of using it for handling medical ailments such a chronic pain and insomnia. It is also known to cause munchies, so it can be used to stoke your appetite. Many use it as mood-booster too.

4oz ($430) | 1lb ($1500)

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4oz ($430), 1lb ($1500)


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