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OG Sherb

OG Sherb

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There are two things that come to mind when thinking of the word “sherbet” (let’s set the record straight—contrary to popular belief, “sherbert” is the incorrect spelling). First, fruity ice cream, and second, bright, vibrant colors. Often incorporating pink, orange and even green, ice cream with this name is often a perfect match for summertime eating. Think live, seasonal flavors of orange, raspberry and lime, for example. So when a cannabis strain named OG Sherbet comes onto the scene, you can bet that you’re in for some tantalizing flavors and effects.

An OG Sherbet strain will often have deep purple hues, almost like the color of an eggplant, spread around a very bright green and leafy exterior. Flavor-wise though, reviewers expected nothing less than the potent scents of citrus. But there is also a subtle, pleasant nutty taste as well, like a light pistachio ice cream. These flavors combined creates quite a pleasant and smooth inhale, and places consumers on the right path toward inner peace.

It’s uncertain which parents were crossed to make this unique strain, but one thing that there’s no denying is OG Sherbet’s powerful indica properties. Similarly to the feeling of laying out in the sun on a warm day, OG Sherbet will induce some great effects for relaxation. A strong but not overwhelming body buzz envelops the consumer quickly, and for medical cannabis consumers this is a welcome effect that often helps treat those who suffer from conditions like insomnia, depression or anxiety.

If this is the sort of strain you’re looking for, try some of its similar cousins such as Rainbow Sherbet, Sherbet Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet. All equally impressive, the Sherbet family line produces many high-quality strains that can benefit both medical and recreational consumers.

Has been cured for 15-18 days and was organically grown.

3.5g ($35) | 7g ($65) | 14g ($95) | 28g ($130)

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3.5g ($35), 7g ($65), 14g ($95), 28g ($130)

2 reviews for OG Sherb

  1. hary

    I absolutely love this strain! It’s such a relaxing high. I sleep so good and wake up feeling even better.

  2. DANNY

    Don’t let the nugs scare you. It wasn’t as green as I thought it would be. But high wise.. INDICA for sure!! 5mins smoking it I had the munchies right away and was stuck on the couch.. snacking my life away hahahah

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