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Nuken Bulk

Nuken Bulk



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 Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 25%

Nuken is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. A genetic cross between Shiskaberry and God Bud gave us this potent strain of cannabis to enjoy and make use of it as much as we like. Inheriting 80% Indica and 20% Sativa characteristics, Nuken offers true hybrid experience upon consumption.

How potent is Nuken?

Quite like other Indica dominant hybrid varieties such as Tom Ford Pink, it has remarkably high THC level ranging between 20-25%. The high caused by this Indica heavy is pleasantly robust. You should expect to experience a feel-good euphoric buzz. The head-heavy high is not intensely psychedelic but heightens your sense of awareness and induces an agility of motor senses. An above average to moderately high dose will result in a couchlock. But at lower doses the high is energizing and uplifting.

Who should be using Nuken?

It is certainly a day-time strain as it increasing your focus and puts a zip in your energy. It is a safer strain for newbies. This hybrid strain is best suited for social-hobnobbing leisurely on a weekend. In fact, you can get creative with it and use it for many casual events be at office or at home. This strain is majorly a recreational strain.

Nuken:  Its Type of flavour and aroma?

Nuken strain gives off predominantly skunky whiffs at the outset. Later undertones of pine-forest like aroma are easily detected. The aroma on account of terpene – Myrcene – is piney and sweeter reminiscent of fire-cooked marshmallows on those summer camping trips in the woods.

Can Nuken be used for any medicinal purposes?

Even though it is a recreational strain, yet you can take them for nagging headaches and migraines. But mostly, on a damp and dull weekend, Nuken can definitely give you the much-needed lift and get you past through a rough day or weekend. Some users reported it to be a good date strain, as it allows you to be more social and outgoing.

4oz ($400)

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4oz ($400)


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