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Martinique Bulk

Martinique Bulk



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Martinique Mushroom – a Caribbean delight

Martinique magic mushroom takes it name from one of the picturesque islands – Martinique; located in the Caribbean. The mystical name assigned to this psychedelic mushroom is due to its potency to induce delightful trips.

Physical Attributes of Martinique

This hallucinogenic mushroom is easier to identify due to their conical or bell-shaped caps. Their size is also noticeably smaller than other varieties of magic mushrooms. They grow in clusters.

Potency of Martinique shroom

This genus of psychedelic mushroom belongs to Psilocybe yugensis. They are known to have mild to medium level of Psilocin and Psilocybe. Both of them are the two main psychotropic compounds responsible for causing a high. Users report of experiencing cerebral trips. These experiences corroborate their use for spiritual and ritualistic ceremonies. Jesuit missionaries too reported of their potencies to cause trips.

Why should you use Martinique magic mushrooms?

The consciousness expanding capabilities of Martinique magic mushroom makes it a clear favorite; more so for people seeking deeper spiritual retreats. They are also known to cast away anxiety and stress. So, for recreational purpose you can have it to have an enjoyable trip to happy lands. On the other hand, you can drive your blues away and even manage depression, anxiety and stress related issues with it.

Dosing for Martinique

Micro dosing is the best policy. A micro dose is between 0.07g to 0.10 g, while a mild does is between 0.8g to 1.5 g, and moderate dose lies between 1.6 g up to 2.5 g and a psychedelic dose is between 2.5 to 3.5g.

How to enjoy Martinique magic mushrooms?

You can consume this psychedelic mushroom in a variety of ways. Eating dried and cured Martinique shroom is the common method. But you can enjoy Martinique magic mushroom with a cup of tea. A lemon tea infused with it is quite a treat as the acidic nature of lemon breaks down psilocybin and results in an intense trip. Micro capsules too are interesting option for micro dosing.

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4oz ($350)


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