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Lemon Sorbet #3 Crumble

Lemon Sorbet #3 Crumble


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Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 18%, CBN: 1%

Lemon Sorbet crumble is a cannabis concentrate. Quite like other crumble concentrates namely, Jack Herer crumble or Clementine crumble, it is packed with more than 90 percent purity of the parent cannabis strain. Lemon Sorbet crumble is a concentrate created by CO2 extraction of Lemon Sorbet strain which is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The average THC percentage of the this indica-heavy strain is 18% per gram.

Gabriel Cannabis is credited with creation of Lemon Sorbet. It inherits all of the dynamic flavor and characteristics of its parent strains. Known to be reeking with a rich citrusy aroma well complemented with a concentrated cerebral high.

Be prepared to be engulfed in the delicious fragrance of berries and creamy lemons with distinct hints of grassy gasoline. Lemon Sorbet Crumble being a cannabis concentrate produces a characteristic exhilarating high followed by a sedative hum. This potent indica-heavy strain makes an excellent choice to relax and chill.

Lemon Sorbet crumble fits in best as a recreational strain that can also act as a cure for many ailments. The onrushing cerebral surge clear out any fogginess clouding your mood and perks up people, especially the ones who may be struggling with ADD. The focused cerebral energy injected aids in focusing on one job at a time. Its credible potential to lift gloomy-doomy moods makes it a most desirable alternatives for quickly alleviating symptoms of stress and depression.

Moreover, this bud can provide relief for a variety of aches and pains, whether they are short-term and minor or long-term and severe, such as COPD or lupus. Its anti-inflammatory effects could also help with common ailments like nausea and headaches.

Lemon Sorbet strain is a wonderful alternative for patients who are new to THC because it has a lesser risk of obsessive, paranoid thinking. However, Lemon Sorbet crumble is packed with enough potency that even seasoned users need to micro dose it. While the indica-heavy strain offers something for everyone with its well-balanced high and fruity flavors. Its zesty citrus flavor will appeal to new and old cannabis enthusiasts.

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