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Jack Herer Crumble

Jack Herer Crumble


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THC: 23%, CBN: 1%

Jack Herer crumble is a powerful cannabis concentrate. This crumble possessing up to 90 percent purity of the legendary strain – Jack Herer is nothing less than a prized trophy. Name after legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer who created it by cross breeding three strains – Northern Lights, a,Haze hybrid and Shiva Skunk. Jack Herer strain contain THC percentage averaging 24% per gram. Legendary Jack has lent his name to many other strains, namely Jack the Ripper, Jack the Cleaner and Jack Skellington.

Jack Herer crumble created through highly evolved CO2 extraction process bring you almost pristine quality of the legendary strain. The crumble reeks with citrusy and peppery aroma. It gives a overpowering hints of orange and lemon zest. This aromatic crumble like its parent strain not only entices you with its aroma but captivates you with its balance high.

The high invoked by this potent crumble is an exciting mix of cerebral and physical effects. The head rush that washes in quickly not only invigorates you prepping you for action. But at the same time leaves its users deeply relaxed. One cannot miss the elements of personality of Jack Herer in the strain which leaves you active for things, vocal for broadcasting your opinions. The high also gives you the physical and creative push to put up a brave fight warding off your fear and worries to peripheries of your mind space and push for greater glory. It is best for romantics in you.

However, for medical needs you may rely on it for managing your migraines, headaches, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, and low-grade stress. Described by many as wake-n-bake strain, it is not to the best strain for insomniacs, this slightly sativa-leaning strain can keep you awake. Quite like Girl Scout Cookies strain, it is best used for day-time activities, especially for social-hobnobbing since it makes you outgoing and chatty.

We advise you to be careful while using Jack Herer crumble as a few our cannabis smoking friends reported experiencing dry mouth, dryness in the eyes.

1g ($20) | 14g ($280)

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1g ($20), 14g ($280)


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