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Hindu Kush Quads Bulk

Hindu Kush Quads Bulk



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Hindu Kush is an extremely popular original landrace strains amongst the regular cannabis smokers. This pure Indica strain packs a full-body sensory punch. It is aptly named after the Hindu Kush Mountain ranges in upper western Himalayas. Naturally blessed with high THC content and distinct mountain flavor, it commands high rank on the best of cannabis strains list.

Being a pure Indica strain, it boasts of high THC content rising high up to 30% and a negligible CBD content. Being a native of alpine region it is imbued with a perceptible pine, earthy, and a musky scent. The dominant terpene is Limonene in its terpene profile. The presence of Limonene lends this sterling Indica strain a refreshing citrusy and lemony zing to it.  This kooky combination of high THC content and its terpene profile leaning heavily towards citrusy zest makes it a potent stress and anxiety buster.

The effect of smoking Hindu Kush ascends slowly, akin to hiking up a mountain, it then builds up by gripping your limbs loosening your tense muscles and climaxing in a couchlock at its peak. Users also report of eruptions of vivid flares of imagery illuminating them up. It is precisely due to such potencies that Hindu Kush is favored by the creative folks for unleashing creative thinking. Since it induces psychedelic effects, it is best that Hindu Kush be consumed at night time for best experiences. People have been using it as a favorable numbing agent for combating chronic pain, especially the cancer patients. Also, its high THC content makes it an effective sedative too for people suffering from insomnia as it induces deep sleep. Hindu Kush is also reported to bring calmness to people suffering from nausea. The undesirable effects noted in some users are dry eyes, dizziness and dry mouth.

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