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Great White Monster Bulk

Great White Monster Bulk



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Great White Monster is a spectacular strain of magic mushroom. It is an albino strain and has powerful psychotropic properties. Due to its expansive hallucinogenic effects, Great White Monster has proven to be an effective medicinal magic mushroom. This peculiar cubensis strain has both Albino and Leucian properties. It owes its existence to accidental cross between A+ and Peurto Rican.

How potent is Great White Monster?

This is a highly potent magic mushroom. It never fails to impress you with its ability to trigger a range of trips pleasing different people seeking different experiences. A lighter dose will give a warm body-buzz and provide a kick to your brain to get started for creative activities. If you need to meet a tight deadline and are struggling to find the energy and creative spark, take 0.5 -1 gram dose.

Serve yourself with 1.25 gram to 2.0 grams of this psilocybe mushroom and kick your blues and cares away. This dose will get you in the mood to having a good time with friends and relatives. Make sure you have nothing productive to do. But if you really wish to engage in an over-the-top, mind-bending psychedelic trip, then cook up a moderate dose. This dose takes up 2.0 gram to 3.5 grams of this psychedelic magic mushroom. At this dose, synesthesia sets in and you get Dali-esque experience of time melting and vivid firestorms of color and images.

Who should take Great White Monster?

If you are a beginner, it is good fit for you, provided you take small dose. However, if you are not new to shrooms, then you can entertain to yourself with a moderate dose, while a higher dose promises a psychedelic trip.

This albino mushroom not only helps tide over difficult time in finding energy to get things done. It facilitates creative people to unlock their creative block. Great White Monster helps handle chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, many mood disorders and even cancer too.

4oz ($470)

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4oz ($470)


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