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Craft Top Shelf Gods Green Crack (AAAA)

Craft Top Shelf Gods Green Crack (AAAA)


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Indica Dominant Hybrid 55% Indica / 45% Sativa

THC: 22% – 25%

God’s Green Crack is a strain that is suitable to all. It is a balanced hybrid strain of cannabis born out of wedlock cross between Green Crack and God Bud. It is slightly Indica heavy; inheriting 55% Indica and 45% Sativa traits from its parents. Both of its parents have high THC content, naturally God’s Green Crack too boasts of THC content ranging between 20-25%. CBD percentage is very low in this balanced hybrid strain. But due to its balanced nature, it is quite popular for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

The recreational user report to feeling a head rush first. This rush gives them an uplifting energy, a heightened sense of surroundings. It also perks up the mood and focus. So, if you need to get work done during the day and need that extra lift, God’s Green Crack is your go-to strain. However, as the effects matures, it starts to take you’re your limbs. So, after an hour, your eyes will get heavy, your body will lighter, your muscle will relax. So, now the effect has gripped both your head and your body. That’s what this balanced hybrid strain is prized for. It will let you relax after helping you do your chores. Now you can reward yourself with leisurely activities like binge—watching.

The medium sized nug give off a woody, earthy aroma. However, when you lit a joint in pipe or whatever the way you like, you get wrapped in an incense-like smoke which is smoother to inhale. While exhaling you get citrusy-piney tingles. Because it is helps uplift mood, it is used to attend to depression, dull mood. It is also reported to induce munchies and is used to improve appetite. God’s Green Crack is best for late after-noon or early evening use for enjoying relaxed evenings. Athletes admit to using GGC for recovery from physical exhaustion and sport-related stress.

7g ($75) | 28g ($180)

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7g ($75), 28g ($180) 


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