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Cambodian Albino Bulk

Cambodian Albino Bulk



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Cambodian Albino AKA Avery’s Albino, as the name suggests has a very distinct physical appearance. You can easily spot it for its ghostly white stems and caps. It is because this particular strain of cubensis magic mushroom lacks any coloring pigment in its genetic make-up.

Cambodian Albino – Potency potential

By virtue of its genetic make-up, it is one of the most versatile magic mushrooms available. It has psilocin and psilocybin – the two potent psychedelic compounds. Different doses of this magic mushroom can induce different kinds of trips.

Cambodian Albino – The trip

Users report that the trip set in motion by this magic mushroom is quick to kick in and then gets intense. It is both physical and cerebral. The initial invigorating body buzz rushes into a euphoria, and then intensifies in to a psychedelic trance. The psychedelic trance expands in to visual delight of color-burst. The psychedelic trip is reported to provide relief from bodily pains, depression, mental stress and trauma. The nature of the trip induced by depends upon the dose.

A tiny dose of 0.5-1.5g is capable to stir an enjoyable trip for you. Increase the dose to 1.5-2.5g and you get an exciting body buzz with a cerebral high for tapping into creative soul. For a psychedelic trip you may increase the dose to 2.5g-3.5g. The duration of a trip induced by it is between 30 minutes to 3-6 hours.  You have to stay adequately hydrated.

How to consume Cambodian albino?

Cambodian Albino is versatile as it can be in a variety of ways. You can consume the dried and cured mushrooms raw. One can brew in to a tea or a smoothie. Chocolates, gummies and other edibles varieties of Cambodian Albino is also available.

No matter how versatile this potent hallucinogenic mushroom may be, it is still advised to use them judiciously.

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4oz ($470)


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