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Fire Og Shatter
28g ($400)
White Widow Shatter
28g ($400)
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Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate. As it is with all types of concentrates, shatter contains very high percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Know this that a cannabis flower generally contains between 18-25 THC. While the concentration of THC in shatter is between 80-98 %, depending upon the extraction process. However, the Cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids are removed from it during the extraction process. So, shatter is preferred by all looking to get the maximum benefit from THC.

When you look at shatter, it will appear like a translucent glass, delicate and attractive. This glass like consistency makes it very brittle. Thus, it breaks at the slightest of robust touches. Hence the name shatter is given to this potent cannabis extract. So, it differs from wax in being hard crystal-like. While a cannabis wax has sticky paste like consistency. Interestingly, the color taken up by it upon extraction also is characteristically golden or amber and the nearby shades.

The best way to consume a shatter is dabbing. Dabbing a shatter is a method of cannabis consumption. Dabbing it involves a specialized rig called a dab rig. A dab rig causes flash vaporization of the concentrate to give you the best cannabis experience.

Flash vaporization in simple terms is heating of this concentrate to a temperature which brings out the best of the concentrate. It is converted into vapors. These vapors travel through a water pipe, before being inhaled. All this happens in a flash. Hence dabbing is flash-vaporization. Mind you this glassy extract has a huge reputation for being extremely potent. You can read again on top – THC concentration of this concentrate ranges between 90%.

Shatter is one of the purest forms of cannabis. Dabbing this concentrate is popular because it gives you an instant high. While, dabbing or vaping this concentrate, THC enters the bloodstream extremely quickly. This induces immediate therapeutic and psychoactive effects. More so, dab pens, e-cigarettes and vape pens are portable. These dab rigs makes dabbing, even more convenient. Though people will tell you many different ways you can dab. But for best dabbing experience, you should know, temperature is the key. So, invest in a good dab rig.


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