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Blue Rhino Bulk

Blue Rhino Bulk



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Blue Rhino is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This balanced hybrid Indica dominant strain has 55% Indica and 45% Sativa traits containing 20% THC content while the CBD content is close to 2%. It was created by crossing Blueberry with White Rhino both of these are Indica dominant strains.

Owing to heavy presence of fruity elements such as one of the parents being Blueberry and Limonene being the dominant terpene; Blue Rhino gives off an overpowering fruity aroma and taste. However, while smoking this Indica dominant hybrid, one cannot miss the skunky whiffs seeking attention of your olfactory senses. While the fruitiness of fresh berries like blueberries, gooseberries will stroke your palate.

This hybrid strain brings the goodness of both Indica and Sativa strains together. However, Blue Rhino upon consumption immediately causes a noticeable body rush ringing in happy euphoria. Couple of hours later, it is capable of inducing a relaxing sleep. So, people use it either for getting a good burst of energy for their daily chores or stoking their creative and positive energies. On the other hand, people who experience insomnia use Blue Rhino to enjoy peaceful resting sleep. So, people use it either for staying up or needing to relax and sleep. Though it is mostly used in daytime, but people use it for night time as well. Because of its mostly positive effects, it is used for medical purposes for dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, and to ward off bitter experiences of migraine.

Though 2% CBD counter balances the high THC percentage, in this balanced hybrid strain, yet people do experience dry mouth (cotton mouth), dry eyes and dizziness upon consuming Blue Rhino. The bad experiences could be due to excessive use or due to different body compositions. So, it is best to consult with your doctor.

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