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Blue Meanies Bulk

Blue Meanies Bulk



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Blue Meanies – one the most potent magic mushrooms

Blue Meanies is one of the most potent magic mushrooms. The scientific name for these psychedelic mushrooms is Paneolus cyanescens.

How to spot a Blue Meanie?

These potent psychedelic mushrooms having bell-shaped caps are smaller in size to their cousins and not easy to spot. Only trained eyes can spot dullish grey or off-white-colored mushrooms. However, they are easy to recognize when bruised, as they show blue color. Probably that is how they got their name. It is best to let the experts forage them in tropical grasslands. Otherwise buy them online for a reputed store.

How potent are Blue Meanies?

Psilocin (4-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) the principal psychedelic compound present is responsible for the typical Blue-Meanie-mind-altering trip. The trip induced is similar to psychedelic trip induced by other known hallucinogenic compounds particularly LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) or DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). The quantities of Psilocybin are comparatively lesser than its counterpart hallucinogenic compound.

This shroom is reported to be three times more potent than the other magic mushroom Psilocybe cubensis.

What kind of trip do Blue Meanies induce?

The trip induced it or by other psychotropic mushrooms differs from person to person. You must expect the psychedelic-trip to come in a lot faster with Blue Meanies due to higher concentration of Psilocin than Psilocybin.

This highly potent magic mushroom causes an energizing body buzz. You will feel the euphoria rising up quickly induce flashes of bright colors and imagery. The psychotropic effects are good for managing chronic pain, uplifting depression and mood.

What is the best way to consume Blue Meanies?

Users report of consuming the dried and cured form of this psychotropic mushroom by eating and chewing them raw. Since their taste is bitter, some report of mixing them with other vegetable and cook them before ingesting them. They can also be ground into a powder and then brewed into a tea. You can roll them into a joint and enjoy a smoke. However, do not mix them with other intoxicants. hey have a strong earthy taste and a rubber-like texture, making them very chewy. Manufacturers also grind dried shrooms into a powder and prepare them in capsule form. The powdered form of dried and cured this magic mushrooms can be infused into a lot of other eatables such a chocolate and gummies. They are called as Edibles.

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4oz ($350)


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