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BE KND Diversion Tumbler

BE KND Diversion Tumbler




2 in 1 function BE KND Water bottle. The Diversion Tumbler Steel Can Safe acts as a real drinking bottle, with a secret compartment on the bottom. Easily unscrew and store your valuables discreetly. Perfect for going to the gym, and on-the-go! Efficiency is key!

  1. Drink your water AND store your valuables at the same time!

  2. It has a huge bottom stash space to hide credit card, car key etc.

  3. Also the body is vacuum and keep water warm and cold at least 12 hours.

  4. Water Storage Space Size: 2.2*2.2*3.9 inches. Valuables Storage Space Size: 2.8*2.8*3.9 inches

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