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B+ Bulk

B+ Bulk



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B+ magic mushroom is a reliable strain of magic mushrooms available. The psychotropic compounds most notably psilocybin and psilocin are present in appreciable amounts. Therefore, the trip induced by B plus magic mushroom is both body-energizing and perception-invigorating. The effects are quick to rush in and gives a body a prompt feel-good lift. The cerebral buzz too perks up the mood rather swiftly. It is due to these potencies that it is also used by people to drive stress and anxiety away. In fact, it is an ideal psychedelic strain for managing mood disorders. However, the potency of this comparatively milder strain of shroom is lesser than the intensely potent Blue Meanies and Penis Envy magic mushrooms.

B+ is highly recommended to be a reliable day-time hallucinogenic mushroom ideal for beach parties, backyard BBQs, and social gatherings. Many users involved in creative arts report of using B+ to be unleash their creative self and be productive in their creative pursuits. It is all because the trip induced is constructive and manageable. This characteristic potency has earned B+ magic mushrooms the distinctive reputation of being the perfect beginner’s strain. Not only the consumers agree, even the newbie mushroom growers give their vote to B+ as the beginner’s strain. The growers will find this psychotropic mushroom easy to grow. The highly adaptable B+ shroom thrives easily in different environments. It is precisely why the appearance of this hallucinogenic mushroom changes with climate.

How to consume it?

However, with its potency to stir a euphoric body energizing and consciousness broadening trip, it ticks all the boxes for an average shroom lover. However, on the flip side, it may cause nausea in some users. To mask the bitter taste of this otherwise pleasant magic mushroom, we recommend taking it with a ginger-lemon tea. However, there are other ways to consume other than eating it raw such as edibles. You may whip up B+ magic mushroom infused smoothies, shakes and coffee too.

4oz ($270)

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4oz ($270)


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