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Alacabenzi Cubensis Bulk

Alacabenzi Cubensis Bulk



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Alacabenzi Cubensis Magic Mushrooms is a go-to strain for beginners. So, if you are experimenting with magic mushroom, Alacabenzi would top the list of contenders. In fact, the effects induced by this psychedelic mushroom is quite similar to cannabis.

How does Alacabenzi mushroom look?

This particular variety of cubensis has smaller caps in comparison to its other psychotropic cubensis cousins. Their stems are however, thicker. But they are known more for the potency than their size and appearance.

Alacabenzi potency

Size does not always matter. These comparatively smaller magic mushrooms are laden with psilocybin. This psychotropic compound is the principal hallucinogenic compound present in them. The trip produces a greater body-buzz than a psychedelic trance.

What kind of trip Alacabenzi cubnesis induces?

When you consume Alacabenzi, the body-buzz begins within 15 minutes of the consumption. The trip runs through your body relaxing your muscles at first. Then it grows on your sense and begins to sooth them too. It takes between 5-6 hours for effect to reach its peak, where you will feel to begin entering in to mind altering stage of a trip. That’s the farthest that you travel on a Alacabenzi induced trip. This is precisely why it is an excellent pick for introduction to the world of magic mushrooms. Most of the users report that the trip deeply body-stoned but never outrageously hallucinogenic. Still, one needs to tread with caution and play safe with smaller doses as the nature of the duration and the nature trip is deeply dependent upon body composition.

How to use Alacabenzi magic mushroom?

This strain of magic mushroom is understood to be best for evenings and night. The heavy body-stone effects make you wanna snuggle and cuddle sticking to couch or bed. It is an ideal for binge-watching on a weekend evening. However, user experimenting it for meditation or mindfulness sessions have reported with a big thumbs up. Patients finding difficult to put their mind at rest due to emotional or physical trauma found it helpful.

4oz ($350) | 1lb ($1000)

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4oz ($350), 1lb ($1000)


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